Welcome. I’m Iain Wilson, a Scot living in Twickenham, near enough London. Father (proud) to two. Husband (lucky) to one.

At work, I’m a partner in PRISMTC with my good friends Andrew Macpherson and Paul Nelson. We’re fortunate to have colleagues that we like working with, and customers who we enjoy helping.  Together we provide specialist statistical support to scientists and engineers. We’re based in Cambridge and work internationally. With the help of the internet and only the occasional site visit, we can do our stuff pretty much anywhere.

At play, I’m a runner. Most days, if possible. I run just to get out there. There are some great tracks, towpaths and parkland where we live. Few hills though. I run mostly trails, plus some marathons and some ultras. I claim the running keeps me sane. There’s no evidence.

Other Iain Wilsons may be available, but they won’t be like this one.